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Our Service

KINTO Share makes it easy to rent cars flexibly. Driving for rideshare or delivery has never been more affordable. 


Apply today and get approved within days! No down-payments or other hoops, just get into your car and drive.


Work when you want using our pre-approved vehicles. You only pay for the hours and miles you drive.


Your smartphone is your key. No pick-up counters, no key-handoff. Just rent and access a vehicle all using your phone.


Fuel, insurance, and maintenance are all included in our rates  (normal rates are $3.50/hr + mileage, but can be as low as $1.50/hr + mileage during promotions)


Pay as you go

There are no long term commitments, and no extra costs for fuel, insurance, or maintenance

Perfect for Rideshare or Delivery

If work is slow, you'll rack up fewer miles. If you're driving more miles, you'll be earning more

Affordable Rates

Most drivers pay between $4 and $8/hr, with no other costs to worry about

$1.50/hr    +    $0.25/mi

Mon 4am-Thurs 6pm

$2.50 - $3.50/hr on Weekends

Drivers average around 15 miles per hour