Earn More Tips This Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, we want to share some of our best tips for tips.

"Thanks for the ride! Here's a little something extra for you…" These are the magic words we wish every passenger will tell us as their ride ends.

While that may not happen as often as we'd like it to, we're going to share the results of an experiment we ran with some of our members that helped them get five times more tips than normal and boost total earnings by 10%!*

We'll also share four easy things you can do to start earning more tips in cash (whether you're driving for Lyft or Uber).* Members driving for Uber went from getting tips on 1 out of 15 rides to 1 out of 3 rides.

The Results - How To Earn More Tips

Using these four tips, our members were able to get nearly 1 in 3 passengers to give tips, resulting in an earnings boost of over 10%!

We tried multiple ways to solicit tips and what we've found works best is ensuring your car has:

1. A tip sign (examples in the next section)

2. Charging cables for Android and iPhone

3. A tip jar

4. A reason for the tips

Each of these four tips plays a crucial role in helping you earn the appreciation (and patronage) of your passenger.

1. Tip Sign

Uber has done a good job of making riders think that tips are already included, so a tip sign is needed to let passengers know they even have the option to tip.

Your tip sign can be serious, humorous, or heartfelt, but it should definitely be something you feel comfortable having a conversation about. Make sure it's well-lit and visible!

2. Charging Cables

Charging cables give passengers a reason to tip. Bring a Car USB Port and a few 6-foot long charging cables for Android and iPhones. Remember to offer them to all of your passengers!

Not only is this great for providing a 5-star experience, it also shows you're bringing value above and beyond other rideshare drivers on the road. Passengers will feel more enthusiastic about tipping when you provide valuable service up front.

3. Tip Jar

Have you ever felt awkward handing cash to a valet or bellhop? Or wanted to give a tip, but didn't see an obvious place to put the cash?

Sometimes passengers will feel awkward handing a cash tip to you, even if they want to. So make it easy on them and bring along a clearly marked tip jar!

Pro tip: Put a few bills and coins in the jar before your first drive so that people see exactly what the jar is meant for.

4. A Good Reason for Tips

Psychology research shows that people are more likely to agree to something if they're given a reason, and that it doesn't really matter what the reason is.

What this means is that saying "Can I have a tip?" is less effective than saying "Can I have a tip because I am saving money to buy a gift for my son's 5th birthday?"

Think about the last time you were at your local coffee shop or favorite take-out restaurant. Maybe you didn't plan on dropping your change in the tip jar, but then you saw a sign that said "For my community college fund" above the jar. Suddenly, you're thinking "well... why not" and putting a dollar or two into the jar.

The same principle applies here. Find a reason to start saving and let people know what that is (either in conversation or in a sign above the tip jar).


We hope you found these tips useful! How do you plan to apply these tips to boost your earnings?

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