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We hope that this post finds you and your family healthy and safe during this uncertain time. KINTO Share was developed to offer an alternative solution for short-term carshare options for rideshare and delivery drivers. Since we launched, we have received insightful feedback from our drivers, which we truly do appreciate and have equipped us with real life experience that can help us as we consider program advancements. It has always been a priority for us to create a program that supports our drivers so they can focus on earning without the hassle that comes with vehicle ownership.

With the current pandemic and social concerns, we have learned the importance of flexibility, advancements to support the carshare community and strong communication efforts. Here are some of the newest updates to our KINTO Share program:

Uber Driver Experience

We have partnered with Uber to make it easier than ever for users to sign up and drive KINTO Share vehicles. Drivers will notice a KINTO Share app update request on their phones and we have developed a Quick Reference Guide if there are any questions.

Growth Expansion

KINTO Share is currently available in select locations in Southern California, Temecula and Santa Barbara. Now, we’re expanding in the areas of greater Los Angeles, key Texas metropolitan regions, and Las Vegas, allowing us to respond to our users’ needs in those areas. Be on the lookout for future announcements on location openings on our Facebook page and our Instagram page.

Fuel Coverage

KINTO Share has historically included fuel in our rates. We’ve discovered that some KINTO Share users drive great distances, whereas others do not. In order to be equitable to users and keep costs low overall, we will no longer include fuel coverage in our rates and no longer provide the fuel card or reimbursement of fuel effective September 1, 2020. And, for drivers who wish to economize, our fleet currently offers various fuel-efficient models including the Toyota Prius, Corolla, Camry, and RAV4.

COVID-19 Update

We understand how hard the pandemic has affected our customers, and as your safety is an important priority to us, we implemented extended cleaning practices for our vehicles, temporarily reduced our rates to $1.50 per hour + $.25 per mile, and temporarily waived our cancellation fee. We have learned our users are primarily focused on delivery services during the pandemic and we will continue the reduced rates and waiving of the cancellation fee through the summer. We are in the process of exploring additional opportunities to help with preventive health measures.

Thank you for your continued support and we will continue to keep you updated on program updates and location launches.

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