Drive our cars and earn with Uber*

Weekly flexible car rentals to meet your earning needs.


Sign up with KINTO Share to start making reservations. You can link your Uber and KINTO Share accounts and work when you want using our rideshare ready vehicles. 


Your smartphone is your key. No pick-up counters. Reserve, unlock, and return using your phone.  Need extra time? Extend your reservation on your phone.***


Insurance, 24/7 support, and roadside assistance are included in our rates.

Rates starting at $215 per week plus tax. Unlimited miles. No security deposit required.****

***Rental period is 7 days plus 3 optional extensions (28 day maximum).

****Weekly program requires customer to be charged full rental charge at time of reservation.

Apply today and get approved within days!**

No down-payments, long-term contracts, or burdens of car ownership.

Just focus on driving and earning.

$215 per week 

plus tax

Unlimited miles and no security deposit required.***

Hybrid & Fuel-efficient Fleet

Our KINTO Share weekly program has a variety of vehicle options in our fleet.* With hybrid and and fuel efficient models you can try different cars depending on what you need without a long-term commitment.

Affordable introductory rate of $215 per week plus tax, unlimited miles. Insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and maintenance included -- so you can just focus on earning.

Hybrid Models are Uber Green Eligible

Eligible drivers of low-emission vehicles automatically get $0.50 extra directly from riders in each Uber Green trip.*****

*****Driving with Uber Green is available in select cities and in busy areas from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please check the Uber Driver app for more information on availability and offer restrictions.



Introducing our comprehensive 15-point cleaning and sanitizing process launching as part of our weekly program. A KINTO Clean seal means the vehicle is ready for use.

Current Weekly Locations

We will be adding new locations, so be sure to check back or shoot us a message below.

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